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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Summer wedding number three

I haven't been to a wedding in three years and then this summer I've been to three!

The latest one was for Katharine and Johnny. Katharine is the daughter of my Mum's best friend Susan. Susan had a very bad stroke two years ago and very nearly died. She still can't walk and has lost the use of one side of her body but she made it there yesterday so it was an extra special day. We were all very proud of her. Katharine made a lovely speech during the toasts, telling her Mum how proud she was of her for coming this far - she had the whole room in tears!

Katharine looked beautiful as all brides do, she was wearing a beautiful 1920's style dress which was made by her new husbands mother. She is a costume designer for the BBC so is used to designing period costumes.

It was a very simple wedding which was exactly what Katharine wanted. The venue was the Mercure St Paul's hotel which is where Paul and I spent our first wedding anniversary. The hotel joins onto the Winter Gardens so there was a brilliant backdrop of all the tropical plants outside.

The cake and flowers were very simple and elegant, all in shades of green which I thought was unusual but worked really well in the jungly setting.

The evening reception was lovely, the wine was flowing and the food was delicious. Especially the starter which was a soup which no one could work out the flavour of! We thought it was leek and potato but also found bits of bacon in the bottom so no one was sure!

This is me with my folks:

And me and Paul:

And this is the present I made for the happy couple:

With my trade mark label:

We're off to the South of France today to see my Grandad (and his new dog - expect lots of pictures!) so our own puppy dog is feeling very sorry for herself. She'll be spending the week at her Grandma's getting spoiled rotten so I don't know what she's got to be sad about really - I think she's just playing the guilt card for extra cuddles!

This is exactly what it looks like: Bum on back of settee, body sprawled along the arm. Cue sad eyes. Perfect. You'll never leave me again.

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  1. What a sweet wedding. The bride is beautiful and so nice that her mother could be there.
    Love seeing you and Paul again. As usual a very adorable couple. Love, love, love your dress.
    So nice to see your folks..very handsome couple they are! So nice to see hats..hats are great, wish we wore them more here.
    I am looking forward to seeing all the photos from France....but poor doggie.