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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mr & Mrs B, this is your married life....

The night we met... over a crowded room at a Landscape Architecture ball - he was with his friends, I was with mine, we didn't speak, we just looked... and knew.

Us on the Great Wall of China in 2006 - I was the only person wearing high heals!
In Prague for Paul's 30th birthday. He was so upset about turning 30 that I organised a whole weeks worth of celebrations to take his mind off it - including a surprise trip to Prague - I managed to keep the destination a secret until he saw it on the flight board in Zurich airport when we changed flights! Even the stewardess on the check in counter was in on the secret!
In the South of France visiting my Grandad... we'll be back there next week!
Christmas 2007, we got engaged
At the in laws, before another ball.
Eskimo kissing in Iceland.
In Sardinia for my birthday in 2009.
On Cloud 9 in Bavaria
In front of Mt Fuji in Japan
Chillaxin' in Morocco
On honeymoon in Hawaii. A little bit tipsy on Mai Thai at a Luau
Honeymoon part 2... in Central Park, New york

Two years ago today, I was wearing a big white dress and an even bigger smile... two years ago today, 
I became Mrs B!

Paul, you are my best friend, and my soul mate. I'll love you forever and a day. Thank you for all the good times and getting me through the bad ones.


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both. Thank you for sharing these very special photos with us. You have made many wonderful memories already and I am wishing many, many more for you...I got all excited when I saw Japan and Morocco because I kind of feel like I was there also with all the blog updates you did.

  2. How wonderful - happy anniversary! I have not forgotten that you'll be in my neck of the woods next week. It's the back to school week so I think it'll be manic, but let's try to meet up if we can!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Floss, I'll have internet access while I'm there so we should be able to arrange something!

    K x

  4. What a sweet
    story of the
    melding of two
    lovely souls!
    You've certainly
    seen a bit of the
    world, together ~
    what a fun time
    of life ~ ENJOY!
    xx Suzanne