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About Me

Hi I'm Kat. I've always loved designing things... it all started at two years old when I drew all over my bedroom wall and blamed it on my baby brother! I used to make things out of anything I could find and draw on anything with the nearest thing available. I once drew all over the patio with a piece of barbeque charcoal - oops!  

I studied Art & Design at college followed by Textile Design at university.  

I've always collected "used bits" for use in my work. From buttons off my dads old shirts to old books and magazines and even junk mail (there has to be some good use for it doesn't there?). Recycling is really important to me, I think we should all do our bit, and my bit is turning old rubbish into new lovelies! So all of my creations will have aspects of something old as well as something new!

I also love writing, from short stories to travel articles. I'd love to one day have the courage to write a book... but for now, I'll keep writing this blog. The thing I love most about blogging is having contact with people all over the world so please do leave comments or send me an email, I love to hear what you are all up to and what floats your boat! Thank you so much for reading it, I hope you like it and I'd love it if you'd stop by again!