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The Challenge

The Challenge is to make a list of 101 things that you can realistically do in the next 1001 days. Not just boring things like washing the windows but fun stuff too and stuff that you wouldn't normally push yourself to do... or things you might forget to do or not find to time do like yoga twice a week.

This challenge is all about being more proactive in your life and actually doing things that you can be proud of instead of whiling away your days watching rubbish on the telly!

When you think about it, you spend 8 hours (at least) a day at work, probably 2 hours (unless you're really lucky) travelling to and from work, an hour cooking and eating your dinner, an hour washing and drying your hair and about 8 hours in bed. That leaves you four hours a day to live your life. And you spend it watching re-runs of friends???

This is my list. Watch this space to see how I'm doing and keep and eye on my blog to see some of the more interesting bits in pictures!

1.      Do at least one sketch book painting per week New sub-challenge - learn to draw again, week by week!
2.      Sew at least once a month - Getting there...
3.      Try one new recipe a month Gone mad and cooked loads this month!
4.      De-clutter the house – tidy home, tidy mind! Done it...but then messed it up again. What can I say? I'm a creative type!
5.      Clean up the front garden Done! Weeds are weeded, plants are planted, baskets are up, just need to wait for the flowers to start blooming! UPDATE 23/09: Front garden looking lovely - Dad in law has put up a lovely white picket fence with a little heart cut out, we look very posh indeed!
6.      Wash the windows!!!!! - Done! Inside and out are now sparkling!
7.      Make a blind for the kitchen window - Working on it, bought fabric last week!
8.      Make a blind for the bedroom window
9.      Hang the blind that I made 6 months ago in my studio window! - Done!!!
10.   Try my hand at making a fairy garden
11.   See the world – ok so I can’t do that in 1001 days but I can make a good start! Update to this challenge: See 30 countries by the time I'm 30. I'm well on track for this, only need to go on 6 more holidays to get to 30!
12.   Do yoga at least twice a week
13.   Clean the muddy dog splashes off the kitchen wall!
14.   Start learning/practicing my French again
15.   Read at least one book a month - Currently reading "Life Stories" by David Attenborough - loving it!
16.   Put the washing away – as soon as it’s dry – EVERY TIME!!! - Getting there!
17.   Tidy up after myself (yeah right!) - I tidied the bedroom at 7 am today! 1 room down. Still need to unpack my suitcase though!
18.   Make some new friends - cyber/real world
19.   Join some kind of crafty club
20.   Use foot lotion every day - Managed to remember up to now!
21.   Be more assertive at work - Doing great at this! People have finally stopped thinking I'm a PA!
22.   Stop being so shy in the real world
23.   Make new cushion covers for the living room - Got the fabric
24.   Get a brickie in to fix that wall out back - Got hubby and Dad in law to do it! Bonus!
25.   Murder the ivy that’s eating into the roof - Chopped a good big chunk out of it's root now just need to wait for it to die off so I can pull it all down!
26.   Turn my back garden into a beautiful place anyone would like to rest a while - Getting there! We've had a landscape architect from P's work draw us some designs. Can't wait to see the finished product!
27.   Decide once and for all what to do with the cellar. And actually do it.
28.   Paint that old book case my mum gave me
29.   Touch up all the paint work inside
30.   Re-paint the window sills outside - Done the front ones. I'm a bit daunted by hanging out of the bedroom window four floors up on the back ones though!
31.   Do my window boxes and hanging baskets – and don’t kill them this time - Bought the flowers, just need to plant them! Hanging baskets done, just need to do the boxes now. 09/05 - All planted and looking lovely 20/07
32.   Get new gates for front and back gardens - Dad in law has made me a lovely front gate, white with spindles and a little heart cut out of the middle.
33.   Do some new paintings for around the house - Working on it!
34.   Make an album for the Japan photos and print up last years trio
35.   Remember to have date night
36.   Do a photography course
37.   Tidy the little bedroom and redecorate it once I can see the floor again!
38.   Replace the banister
39.   Tidy my studio - Done
40.   Finish my colour wheel quilt
41.   Make the dress I meant to make last year with the fabric I bought in the summer!
42.   Get rid of some clothes - Done... but accidentally replaced with some more. Oops.
43.   Sort through my shoes and find out exactly how many I actually own!
44.   Re-varnish the kitchen worktop
45.   Make the wall hanging I’ve been planning in my head since last year
46.   Start making the most of weekends and bank holidays - Working on it. I've discovered that by making sure we are on holiday during bank holidays, I can buy myself an extra weeks holiday!
47.   Start writing that book I keep harping on about - Started while I was in France... I might share a bit... one day
48.   Find a space in the garden to grow my own food… or get an allotment if my name comes up on the waiting list in the next 1001 days!
49.   Volunteer for something worth while
50.   Learn to crochet
51.   Start thinking about what country we want to live in - Emailed a solicitor about getting a Canadian visa. Going to British Columbia in March to see what we think! Eak! 20/07
52.   Start doing something to make my dreams happen - See above!
53.   Do something nice for somebody once a week
54.   Pay someone a compliment once a week - Not sure why I set myself this challenge, I always pay people compliments without thinking about it. I just say what I think.
55.   Replace the front door
56.   Gloss the window sill in the living room
57.   Make a window seat for Maddie
58.   Go to Scotland - Booked! We're hiring a lighthouse later on this year with some friends!
59.   Go to Ireland
60.   Have a spa day
61.   Try a new look
62.   Pamper myself at least once a month
63.   Walk more
64.   Get out of the office at lunch time at least once a week - Done twice this week already!
65.   Get my Thailand photos put on a CD - Done - and blogged about the experience
66.   Do 50 sit-ups a day
67.   Finish reading my Lonely Planet magazine before the next one comes out! - Can't read it fast enough these days! My hunger for travel seems to getting worse!
68.   Finish the edging round the kitchen floor. Or make Paul do it.
69.   Decorate the pool room
70.   Buy garden furniture
71.   Have an early night once a week with a good book and a G&T
72.   Do a blog post about the art in my house
73.   Do a blog post about my shoe habit with photos!
74.   Buy a new wardrobe for the little bedroom - Got one, just need to paint it now!
75.   Re-hang the curtains in the little bedroom (they fell on the dog about a year ago!)
76.   Make a quilt for little bro from recycled fabrics
77.   Spend more time outside - Try keeping me in at the moment! 20/07
78.   Get my favourite shoes re-heeled
79.   Have a bath once a week (instead of a shower I mean!) preferably on early night / pampering night
80.   Do more with my Mum - Went shopping on Sunday and out for dinner tonight
81.   Update the photos around the house
82.   Hang my travel map in the kitchen - Put the pins in it, still not hung it! Hung it! 01/05/10
83.   Buy new bedding - Done but I can't get the flowers and frills past the Mr so it might have to go back! - Replaced with lovely deep purple ones, hubby approves. 20/07
84.   Buy new towels - Done
85.   Paint the bathroom
86.   Re-grout the bathroom
87.   Re-seal the kitchen worktop
88.   Be more confident at work - Done!
89.   Be more confident in my art/craft work
90.   Get rid of all the junk out of my drawers
91.   Give Etsy one last chance
92.   Get an article printed in Lonely Planet magazine - Working on it! If at first I don't succeed, try, try, again.
93.   Write some short stories – just for fun - Done one... maybe I'll share it at some point
94.   Do proper research into the history and culture of places I visit
95.   Go to Galapagos
96.   Go to Arctic/Antarctic
97.   Have friends round for dinner more often
98.   Go to Morocco - Working on it, might have a short break for my birthday if I can find a cheap flight! - Went for my birthday 17/06
99.   Really submerge myself when I go abroad and get to know the locals
100.       Talk P into letting me have a rabbit
101.       Leave P love notes in his lunch box like I used to