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Monday, 18 May 2009

I forgot to say...

All of my little softies are made from recycled bits of my life. For example, the white floral print and the pale purple floral print both came from left over fabric from the 200 metres of bunting I painstakingly hand stiched for my wedding last Augsut (as did the green and pink from the rabbit). The blue and white ginham was left over from a dress my mum made for me when I was a toddler. The buttons are from various (dads) shirts. The black spotty fabric was from the first dress my mum taught me to sew. I love to make things with a bit of history - especially when I'm making for my self, but when I have sewn things for other people in the past, I have always tried to include a little snippet from their lives in it as well.

I have recently started collecting fabric (I just can't get enough of the stuff). My mum went up in the attick to see if she could find me any scraps. There were all kinds of memories in those little stacks of fabrics, there were bits from dresses she made me, dreses she made herself, dresses we've made together, there was even an actual baby dress of mine in there (I could never cut that up but the fabric is gorgeous!) It's like my whole life is catalogued in those bags in the attick!

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