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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trying to decide

I found out recently that I was going to be an Auntie! Well, sort of - my husbands cousin is having a baby so it's more like second cousin twice removed (or something?!) Auntie is easier! So, anyway, I'm too excited for words! Just think of all the lovely things I can make as he/she grows up! I'm making a cot quilt for a present for when he/she is born (we don't get to find out what it is till it hatches - much to my disappointment!) Caroline is going for yellows and beiges in the nursery so I've been gearing towards a yellowy themed quilt too. Although we don't know what it is yet, I'm going to stick a bit of floral in there anyway.

Here are a couple of my favourite combinations:

I really love this colourway but think I might replace the middle one with the Lecien Rose design in the next image.

I really like this set as well but not so sure about the one on the end (love the fabric but don't really think it fits the theme).

Pretty sure it's a thumbs down for this one. Although I really like the fabrics by themselves, I dont think they really complement each other. Not like the ones in the first image.

Now, visualise the first image with the third fabric removed and the rose print in it's place.

I am also going to use some of the beige gingham Caroline has bought for the babies blind to back and bind the blanket. I can't decide whether to do 5x5 squares (I think that is really sweet for a baby) or do something a bit more modern and use long stips instead. I'm going to use little bits of lace as well for extra detail.

Ooooh I'm just so excited!

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