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Sunday, 17 May 2009

It started with a mouse

After leaving uni, I was so keen to get a "real" job, that I forgot about my love of creating. I ended up doing various jobs which made me miserable, doing the odd painting or little bit of sewing along the way. The more fed up I became with work, the less I felt like designing. I used to come home and just veg in front of the tv. That all changed after I went on holiday to my Grandads in the South of France a few years ago.

Everything was so beautiful and bright, it just ignited something inside me and made me want to get home and draw, paint, cut, stick, sew, whatever! I just had to get creating again! It started with a mouse - after seeing a cute little mouse scurrying around my Grandad's friends house trying desperately to find his way out, I decided to sew a little fabric mouse. I then made a little rabbit, then a dog and I just kept sewing until I had a whole little family!

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