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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I've just come in from a couple of hours on the allotment. It was nice working out there in the late evening sunshine as the sun dipped behind the hills, drenching the ground in a honey coloured warmth and turning the sky salmon and buttercup in its last few minutes of daylight.

The middle strip of doc leaves is now gone - half way
point has been achieved!

I didn't have such a productive weekend out there this week because the weather has been awful (there's a surprise on a bank holiday)! My mum is back from her holiday so we spent a couple of hours out there on Sunday as it tried to rain and then yesterday, donned our wellies, cagools and brollies and trundled off to the garden centre to see what they had to offer in the way of vegetable plants.

Lettuce, spring onions and various donations from generous

I ended up coming away £30 lighter with a few extra plants for my garden (you're due for an update on that, by the way) and two types of pepper, some broad beans (gorgeous flowers), string beans, purple broccoli (3 guesses why I got that!), spring onions, and leeks. I'm going to have to get digging if I'm going to get all these planted while there is still time.

The pretty flowers of a broad bean - they smell divine too.

I just spotted that my courgettes have started sprouting in their little pots as well while I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom (that's where I grow all my seeds), another week and I'll be able to get them in some bigger pots.

I don't know what this is! It's one of the plants donated by my
neighbour - any ideas?

My plants were all looking a little worse for wear today in the greenhouse. I didn't water them all weekend because it was raining. Who knew rain didn't water stuff in the greenhouse? Not me, clearly.

Leeks and little pepper ideal for stuffing with cream cheese

I inspected my plum tree the other night to see if there was much on it. Hiding amongst the foliage is an abundance, in a couple of months I will be on a plum diet and so will all my friends/family/neighbours/anyone willing to take a punnet of plums of my hands! At the moment, they just look like little green bottoms, but soon they will be big and juicy, and the deepest purple. This tree produces the most amazing plums I've ever tasted, but I think even I will tire of them this year!


More to come......


  1. We've had our share of rain here on Long Island also but the payoff was beautiful large blooms. Now I want a plum tree. Linda

  2. 'Love the green-ness of these photos! I wish I had a little garden plot...

  3. I am envious of that plum tree!

  4. That donated plant may be a cucumber...Love the broad bean flower, I have never seen one before.
    We came down for a few days to the Vancouver house and just inspected our plum tree..not a thing on it, I guess it flowered during the heavy rains and didn't get fertilized. xo

  5. Plums?! I'll take one! Isn't gardening exciting? It is so rewarding to harvest your own food and to see what actually sprouts! ;)

  6. The allotment is looking good! (visiting from Tuesday Garden Party!). Those plums sound really good, I want a couple of plum trees myself.

  7. We have had so
    much rain that my
    little herb garden
    isn't in yet, either.
    It is at the top of
    my list for this
    weekend. It was 77
    and sunny today; it's
    going to rain tomorrow
    and then be 90 on Friday!
    Oops, I'm talking degrees
    F, of course.... Your
    plot is looking GREAT!!
    xx Suzanne

  8. What a cool blog--thank you for sharing the pictures!