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Thursday, 17 February 2011

A new look...

I've been trying out new looks lately, I've had a haircut, and I don't mean a trim... We're talking seven inches off! Oh yes, I've gone from almost hip length to shoulder length. I was terrified and almost cried when I saw all those curls on the floor but now I love it!

I've been trying to dress a bit differently as well, I've got loads of clothes but I've been wearing the same few outfits all winter - dresses, heavy cardigans, boots and leggings. So I've pulled out a few skirts and nice tops, and a couple of pairs of killer heels.

And then there's my blogs... My shabby blogs background disappeared at the end of January (something to do with HTML and photo bucket) but I realised my blog actually looked better without it so I de-cluttered by sidebar too. I had a play around with some really plain backgrounds and came up with this simple grey one - I love it! A bit more sophisticated than my old one I think.

Over at travelling-Kat I really like the neutral colours that I've chosen as I think my photos really stand out agains it. But, I really think I need a nice bright header that says in one blink what travel means to me. I'm going to do some little cartoony drawings and combine them with photos to build up a collage. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I'm also planning on completely gutting my studio at the weekend. I haven't seen the floor since Christmas so it's going to get a good tidy, I'm going to move my desk to the side wall to free up the radiator (might actually warm the room a bit then!), move my sofa to the back wall, get rid of the two chest of drawers and replace them with some Ikea bookcases and use lots of baskets and glass jars as storage.

I have serious studio envy
Image from

Love the picture board on one wall - great idea
Head over heels in love. This is not the best picture
go to
for better ones!

While I'm on a roll should I get a new look husband too? No, never!

Shrek, is that you?


  1. I love your new look. It sounds like you are in the spring cleaning mood. Looking forward to you sharing when you are all done. Have fun!

  2. Yea, I find the simpler the blog, usually, the better it looks! :)

  3. Change is good! Go ahead, be fearless...I don't know about your husband, maybe just a makeover ;)?

  4. I like it! I went simpler on mine too. I miss my backgrounds a little, but my monthly change of header courtesy of Picasa eases my pain a lot!