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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The little things...

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make our hearts go boom.

Hubby driving all the way into town to get me after a night out... 
...just so I wont get on the tram.

My dog running upstairs in the morning to give me a lick in bed...
...before even going out for a wee.

Pretty patterns in the frost on my car window.

Seeing a full orange moon against a not quite light sky...
... at eight in the morning.

Signs of life after a cold and bleak winter.

Remember the little things and the bad things don't seem quite so bad.

The Little Things.

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  1. There is nothing like doggie kisses first thing in the morning. Thanks for "The Little Things" reminder.

  2. You are so right,
    Kat and I think
    seeing ~ really
    seeing ~ the little
    things is what gives
    life its true flavor.
    Love your dog's picture!!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Oh, how I love, love those little things - life is made of them! See, I think it was your nice little words on my blog that woke me up and made me write again...
    Big kiss from Canada!

  4. Your little pup is adorable! I need some earmuffs like that:)

    Thanks for your visit and comment the other day. I am going to try to stay committed to my cookbook challenge.