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Friday, 1 October 2010

Lighthouse on the rocks

Two days of driving and we are finally here! You can see why I wanted to save the location for the photos! This is one of the most picturesque places I've ever seen and certainly the most photogenic sky.

We were driving the five mile dirt track during golden hour and managed to get some great shots as the sun went down.

We have just been out exploring, in the pitch black. Millions of starts glitter in the sky above while the light house sends out flares of light, searching over the ocean and the wind whipping against your face. It's completely exhilarating. The wind is so strong as was crouching down with my tripod I got blown over!

I haven't managed to get any pictures of the stars but I got some good ones of the light by lying on the floor!

We stopped for lunch on the way up at Lochness. And we saw Nessie...

We had a break in the rain and caught some golden fingers of sun creeping through the cloud above the loch.

Of all the places I've been in the world, this is beyond a doubt one of the most awe inspiring!

Message to parents: there is no mobile phone signal here and we're about ten miles from the nearest phone but we are still alive!



  1. I love lighthouses. When I was a little girl I wanted live in a lighthouse when I grew up and that would be the one, what a beauty! I am so happy that you are having such a grand time, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello! we have been to the same lighthouse and i just have done a post on it , what a lovely place isn't it? my blog is "le-monde-de-catherine"

  3. Glad you finally made it! Hope you all have a lovely time. Say hello to everyone for us.

  4. I love that lighthouse! And so picturesque!
    Glad you're having a great time :)
    It all looks wonderful.
    Donna x