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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door...

It was great to see the lighthouse in daylight today and have a proper explore. We went out early this morning and had a good scramble about on the cliffs investigating rock pools and taking silly photos around the lighthouse...

I can't believe I've been missing out on Scotland all these years! It's such an amazing place.

All this sea air is giving me loads of energy, I just feel like running around like a child and rolling down hills! It must be something in the water... like peat!

Yes, that's tap water in the bottle - not wee or apple juice. It tastes like when your teeth bleed. Bleugh.

We found what looked like a grave stone resting against one of the cliffs. It didn't say anything on it but there was a body there... Dum dum dummmmm...

After lunch I went out and climbed one of the cliffs where I could sit in the heather with a good view of the lighthouse and paint a picture. I ended up rushing it though, my hands got so cold I just wanted to finish it!

Once I'd had a nice hot chocolate and warmed myself up, the sun started to set, casting a rich auburn glow over the water and cliffs. The sky was a mix of dark moody clouds, salmon pink, coral and blue. You could have mistaken it for heavens gate... or perhaps I've fallen off a cliff and it was heavens gate? Who knows?!

Perfection. I will sleep well tonight, my dreams filled with golden light, fluffy clouds and cherubs singing Disney songs.



  1. Those pictures are so funny, what a bunch of goofs! Love the sunset pics too, how romantic.

  2. Great pictures! Hope the weather stays good for you.

  3. fun photos, I love to do stuff like that... when I think of it, that is:)