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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Scarecrow Festival

In France, before the kids go back to school in September, lots of scarecrows appear around all of the little villages near my granddads house.

Yesterday we drove up to St Clar to have a swim at the lake there but were disappointed to find that it was closed now the kids were back at school. Instead, we had a drive around the local countryside hopping out of the car every now and then to snap a photo or two.

Normally when I visit, it's the beginning of july and all the brilliant sunflowers are at the best, gazing up at the sunshine with a smile on the big round faces. In September though, the are just starting to be harvested for their oil, they've all dried out and are looking very sad indeed!

We stopped at a tiny little village called Fleurance which had dozens of scarecrows standing guard outside shops, houses and some on the or lunch break having a picnic of bread, cheese and wine on a bench opposite the green grocers.

This lady is employed as the bouncer at the local bar. You would't mess with her would you? Have you seen those shoulders?

This scary Mary is protecting her husbands motor bike - ready to shout "stop thief" at anyone who even thinks about it!

This old fella was much more friendly and greeted me with a traditional south of France three cheek kiss. I was a bit worried about his cauliflower ear though, he told me it came from a lifetime of playing rugby and there was nothing much the doctor could do! Poor thing.

Paul rather liked the look of this beauty, she runs the local salon and came running out still holding her rollers and hairdryer when she saw my hunk of a husband!

This is Francois, the village baker. We bought a loaf from him and not only was it cheaper than the supermarket but it was delicious too!

Even this old girl thought so. She was looking weary after along day swimming in the river so grandad gave her a bite of our loaf.

Funnily enough, Fleurance is a very quiet village, we hardly heard a sound while we were there!


  1. I love all of the scarecrows! What a fun tradition, my favorite is your new friend with the cauliflower ear (poor dear).