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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tramlines Festival

Each year (starting last year), Sheffield is host to the Tramlines Festival (named after our tram system). The festival takes place at various locations all over Sheffield - some big venues like the O2 Academy, the Peace Gardens, the City Hall and some smaller venues like local pubs. The whole festival is free to attend and features all different types of music from rock, indie and pop to world music.

The main stage at Devonshire Green holds 8000 people

It's all organised by Sheffield born and bred Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys along with a few other people and lasts from Friday to Sunday, attracting over 50,000 people to the city. There is live music playing morning, noon and night; free for you just to nip in for a sing along or a little dance, a drink and maybe a burger.

In the city centre, there is also an International market selling food and crafts from all over the world. My favourite is the olive stall - seriously, olives the size of my fist! They must be genetically modified or something!

Throughout the city centre, there is street entertainment such as jugglers, fire breathers and street dancers.

Street entertainment outside the City Hall. In the background, the Sheffield Big Wheel

Jugglers on stilts outside the Peace Gardens

Last night, we heard last minute that the band who played at our wedding were on at the University Arms. Of course, we had to go and see them. It was in the back garden of the lecturers pub at the university and could only seat about 50 people so it was a lovely cozy gig. Thankfully, the last few weeks of rain seemed to hold back for a couple of hours and we even saw a bit of sunshine through the trees! As always, the band were great and fun (and a few G&T's) was had by all!
The Dizzy Club playing at the University Arms


  1. What a lot of fun! My favorite is the special treat of getting to hear your wedding band in that intimate setting. Have a good rest of the weekend.

  2. Wow. That looks such fun, and your wedding band was really the icing on the cake.