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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Alive and kicking


I'm still alive in case anyone was worried.... and I know one lovely lady was because she emailed me to check. Thanks Sherri.

I'd love to be able to tell you that I've been away exploring some foreign land with no means of communication other than a carrier pigeon.... but that would be an out and out lie! I've just been really, really busy at work and as my job involves me spending the day writing, I've just not had the energy to come home and write some more. Instead, I've been coming home, dead heading a few flowers, cooking tea, having a cuddle with Maddie while watching Hollyoaks (badly acted English soap - it's rubbish but I love that it doesn't use any brain cells to watch it!), read a little bit, perhaps watched a film and then gone to bed. Nope, nothing exciting lately!

Oh, except I got caught in a storm and a bit of a flash flood the other day when I was out walking the dogs! We were soaked to the skin the lot of us and poor Maddie was so scared by the thunder that she ran straight up stairs and hid under our bed shaking like a leaf in autumn! Running through the rain, dodging bolts of lightning, that was kind of fun!

I also had a little trip out to the fabric shop last weekend and got a load of fabric for a few projects I'm working on...

1) The "Lavender" bunting for my friends wedding. Do you like my new Cath Kidston sewing goodies that I got for my birthday?

2) A pair of curtains for the kitchen window. I don't think you can really tell from this photo, but that is two separate pieces of fabric plus some sage green ribbon to bring it all together... watch this space! I absolutely LOVE that floral!

3) Cushion covers for the living room. The dog in the striped top looks like our Maddie.

4) Red quilt for the attic bedroom. I've been collecting red fabrics for ages for this quilt  but you never seem to get nice red fabrics here. I want lovely bright reds like these but you only ever seem to get deep reds. The floral below is left over from a dress I made about 4 years ago! If anyone has any red scraps they'd like to donate, let me know!

Anyway, that's it from me, for now. I promise I will try and get back into the swing of things soon. These projects should give me something to talk about for a while at least!

Good night, God bless x


  1. I have missed you.

    Beautiful fabric. We all need a break once in awhile. Sounds like your break was a busy one.

  2. Hi...lovely to see you back - love all your fabrics...look forward to seeing all your

  3. Welcome back! I would love to help you out with the red fabric. If you let me know all the details about size and specific red (sometimes what we see on the blog pages may not be what the real color is) and kind of fabric, then I can be on the lookout...How fun.

  4. Exotic locations with carrier pigeon communication does sound pretty fun! Love the dog fabric - the doxy in red looks like my childhood puppy!