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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Maddie the stunt dog

Maddie is a stunt dog. 
And a tea belly. 
She will do anything for cup of tea. 

She has just clambered over Paul's lap, stretched her front legs across to the coffee table, stretched a little bit further, a liiiiittle bit further... and then oops, the back legs have slipped between Paul's legs. Now she's relying on her front feet resting on the coffee table while her back legs dangle in mid air but now they're slipping too. She tried to save her self by flinging her back legs round but it's too late. All four legs have gone and she's smacked her chin on the table.

But all is not lost. Her dad feels sorry for her after all her efforts and has given her the cup of tea anyway.


Maddie has the last laugh (again!)


  1. Maddie is adorable. Don't all the dogs in our lives always have the last laugh?