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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The last of the jet-lag cupcakes

There is only one cupcake left. And I'm about to eat it! 
Don't tell Paul!

I made these at silly o'clock on Saturday morning when I was wide awake with jet-lag. They were in lieu of a birthday cake since we were away for Paul's birthday (not that I saw him baking last year when we were away for mine!)

They are a lovely moist vanilla sponge in the middle with smooth vanilla butter cream smeared on top. Each decorated with a few smarties or jelly beans and finished with an edging of hundreds and thousands. Which are now all over my living room carpet thanks to my hubby s haste to get it down his gob and forgetting to use a plate!

They were D-licious with a capital D! If you want to keep a man forever, feed him these and he is sure to be yours until chickens stop laying eggs. I had my brother staying with me for the weekend and he almost refused to leave because of these bad boys!

Give them a try. Happy husband guaranteed. 


  1. Think I need to take your advice here - could do with some happy boys! They sound lovely - is the recipe out of a book?
    Thanks for your comment - xxx

  2. I was just going to ask that too Maisey's Attic. :: I still haven't made the cookie/biscuit recipe you gave me just haven't gotten off my bum to translate the measures to U.S. yet and this will make me hop to it with this yummy cupcake. Glad your jetlag is better.

  3. HI Kat,
    I am back again! Your crock pot recipe looks great. I would never think on olives in my pork shoulder but I love olives so I must give it a whirl. Yes, we do call them Crockpots (it is actually the first brand that came out but it stuck...kind of like Kleenex!). The cupcake looks great. They are so popular here and it doesn't show any chance of changing. My favorite cookbooks are The Cake Doctor and The Cupcake Doctor...easy recipes for fancying up cake mixes.
    But then...going to The Cupcake Cafe is the best!