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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Snow fun

Wrapped in a velvety blanket of white mist, there was no sign of Mount Fuji today. We're so lucky we got to see it yesterday as we'll probably never have this chance again.

Instead, we hired bikes (I had one with a basket on the front and I can't tell you how excited I was about that! Especially when I got to put my shopping in it!) We took them right around Lake Kawaguchi. The weather wasn't as good as yesterday, it was very cold and by lunch time it was snowing quite heavily. Poor old Paul didn't have any gloves either so his hands have now dropped off with frost bite.

We saw lots more crazy dogs in t-shirts. We saw one very cute one with long curly hair pulled into pig tails with sparkly clips! There was a lovely little black poodle in the restaurant where we stopped for lunch. She had a trick of standing on her hind legs and 'paddling' the air with her front legs. Not quite sure what she was trying to acheive but it was hilarious to watch!

They really are a nation of dog lovers here - the restaurant was dedicated to dogs, it had a doggy assault course in the garden, sold hand made dog biscuits and dog cake, and you are allowed to bring your dog in for dinner with you. It can even sit at the table and enjoy a slice of dog pizza! Every dog you see is in gorgeous condition, lovely wet nose, glossy hair, very healthy. It's lovely to see compared to some countries where there are strays everywhere.

We even saw a dog hotel! I'm sure it was probably just kennels but I love the idea of sending your dog there for a bit of R&R around the pool (after a stressful year of living the dogs life), drinking water from bowls with little umbrellas in, getting pedicures and new hairdos and enjoying a massage from a nice hunky labrador! I think my Maddie would like it there!

We are leaving Mt Fuji tomorrow and heading on to Kyoto for the next seven nights. I'm so looking forward to all the amazing sights that await us. I hope on all hopes that I will get to see a Geisha! There is apparently a place where you can go and they dress you up like a Geisha including doing your hair and makeup! I know what I'm doing as soon as we get there!

We will only have internet access via our Ipod while we are in Kyoto so no more photos (sorry!) until Osaka. Oh and apologies in advance for the state of my blog over the next few days, the blogger app on the Ipod doesn't let you change fonts or justify so I'm going to look a bit messy!

Bye for now!

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  1. Have a good time in Kyoto and I'm sure that you will share photos as soon as you can. We so appreciate that you take the time to share what you can. Thanks.