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Monday, 29 March 2010

Nothing much to say today...

Except that Paul is drinking tea out of a bowl and I'm drinking coke out of an egg cup! There are no mugs or glasses and desperate times call for desperate measures!

We were up before 7am today. For some reason, I quite expected it to be warm so I donned a denim skirt, vest top and cardi and headed downstairs to get the taxi to the station. As soon as I reached the front door I realised I'd made a big mistake! It was snowing. Heavily. Flakes the size of saucers! "Hopefully Kyoto will be warmer, it is much further south after all" I thought to myself as I skipped down the stairs to the awaiting taxi, it's driver clad in full winter gear.

5 hours and 5 station changes later (the bullet train is so fast when another one passes it feels like an artic truck hitting a Nissan Micra!), we arrived in Kyoto. It is no warmer here. In fact, when we left the apartment for dinner it was snowing just as heavily as in Mt Fuji!

Thermal knickers tomorrow me thinks.


  1. I don't know why but I never thought snow in Japan. We can hope that it will warm up for the rest of your trip, starting

  2. I half expected to see some in the mountains but never in a million years in Kyoto! Just opened the curtains though and it seems to be gorgeous sunshine out! Off to see some temples and hopefully some cherry blossom!