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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Just joined Twitter. After months of moaning when my hubby goes on there, he has finally persuaded me to get an account. Not quite sure what I think yet, it's been 9 minutes and I still don't have any followers! How long does it take?!?!

Went back to work today after being ill for the last few days. I've got Labrynthitus which is an inner ear infection - makes me feel like I'm sea sick and act like I'm drunk - sounds fun I know but it really isn't! On the plus side though, I've managed to catch up on the z's and watch "P.S I love You" which I've been meaning to watch for ages and ended up crying all the way through! It's a good film but I preferred the book (which also made me cry all the way through!)

I'm feeling a bit creatively challenged at the moment. Now I've finished all the stuff for the baby, I've got nothing to make! I started making myself a pair of slippers but they ended up too small! Maybe they'll fit my dog?

I bought a load of new fabrics last week... I think I'll start on another blanket at the weekend. One for our bedroom this time. They are lovely, mostly Kaffe Fassett but also a bit of Amy Butler, purples and pinks. I want to add a bit of colour to our mocha bedroom so I think that ought to do the trick!

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