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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day

Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday) is one of my favourite days of the year. I love trying out all kinds of different fillings both savoury and sweet.

Tonight I made this:

Savoury pancakes filled with garlic mushrooms, spinach
and feta cheese. Topped with a tomato and chilli sauce
and grated mozarella with homemade garlic breadcrumbs.

Followed by this:

Sweet pancake with a touch of cinamon, drizzled with
organic maple syrup.

And as Maddie Mad-head looked so sad, she even got a special little doggie pancake!

Dog biscuit wrapped in a paw sized savoury pancake
- don't tell her Dad!


  1. You know I just love Maddie Mad-head and I promise not to breathe a word of of the pancake treat. She looks like she is sleeping off the cute.

  2. What a sweet
    face your Maddie
    has!! Sounds like
    you all enjoyed
    those pancakes.
    Love the idea of
    a day like this : )
    Happy Day,
    xx Suzanne