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Monday, 25 October 2010

In the news today...

I was reading the news on my lunch today, and other than reading about a man getting one of hits nuts cut off by mistake during a routine operation (ouch!) I read that after being given free reign to set pretty much whatever law they like, the mayors of some little towns in Italy are taking antisocial behaviour into their own hands.

They plan to ban mini skirts and low rise jeans in the war against trouble makers. Hm because wearing a short skirt means your up to no good! This is at a seaside resort near Naples. Also being banned is sunbathing, playing football and kissing in cars!

The police will be allowed to stop women in the street to measure the length of their skirt if they see a flicker of knicker! Does this remind anyone else of their school days?

Who would have thought, Italy, mother of fashion and all things skimpy would put a ban on the all time favourite mini skirt?

Perhaps they're on to a winner actually....

Picture courtesy of google... That ain't my ass!


  1. That photo is an example of why no one will ever, ever see my middle, yikes!

  2. Scary photo...

    I wonder what effect the ban will have? Probably not the one they intended, in my opinion.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. Ha! I like the disclaimer on the bottom. ;) 100 meters of banner?! That's some serious skill and determination! :)