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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wanna see something cute?

This is me on my first holiday at 9 months old. My parents drove me right across Europe in their old Ford to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Munich (Germany). This is me with my cousin Florian at the Springfest (Oktoberfest's little sister) - the heart around my neck is made out of gingerbread and I still had it hung on my wall at my parents house until a couple of years ago! I spent the whole night dancing on that table - which my Auntie took delight in telling all of our table neighbours at Oktoberfest last year! 

After our stay in Munich, we drove on to Austria where it was still thick snow in the mountains! I was well loved because of my rosy English chubby-chops - everywhere we went, people would want to pick me up and cuddle me! 

I still go back whenever I can to Munich. It always feels like going home!

This is me last year at Oktoberfest, with my Auntie Helga - notice what I've got around my neck again?

...and with the biggest bretzel I've ever seen and a glass of beer the size of my head!

No dancing on tables this time though!


  1. Those eyes of yours are inescapable. I'd recognize them, baby or no.

  2. How sweet were you! You are still sweet also.
    Have a great day.

  3. Oh yes, my big green eyes! People always say they can see I'm smiling through my eyes even if the rest of my face is covered!

  4. That bretzel looks DELICIOUS.


  5. Hi - lovely photos - especially the first one - such a sweet baby -

    Hope your week is going well -