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Monday, 31 May 2010

Let Sleeping Pigs Lie

To celebrate the bank holiday - possibly the first one without rain in the history of man kind - we had a day out in Wentworth Garden Centre today. I know a garden centre doesn't sound like much of a day out... but it is when they have a farm.... where you can touch the animals! I think it's for kids, but they let me in anyway.

We saw little chicks just hatched last months and still a bit bald!

Gorgeous peacocks

Pygmy goats - climbing on everything and one so pregnant she could hardly move - she was like a Weeble!

I spent about 20 minutes scratching this little fella behind the ears

Almost got convinced by this little sheep to take him home.

I love this mad chicken in his feathery flares!

And these ones with the crazy blonde wigs.

But the highlight of my day, was these big, fat, buck teethed, pot belly pigs. They were supposed to be breeding but apparently that was too much like hard work. They were just sprawled out in the muck, snoring their heads off.

Let sleeping pigs lie I say!

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  1. My sister has a chicken like the blond wig one...I would have had a hard time not taking the little black faced sheep home, what a little doll! Looks like a great day. Hope your garden work is going well.

  2. Oh fun. Reminds me that I want to live on a farm and have some chickens of my own.

    Have a great week!