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Monday, 26 April 2010

A beautiful parcel that made my day...

I had a really rotten day at work today. It was one of those that makes you wonder why you bother getting up in the morning... well, at least why you bother leaving the confines of your comfortable home with comfy chairs, the option of staying in your PJ's the whole day if you feel like it and a little dog who would love it if you'd just give her one more cuddle.

My day was rubbish... until I got in the car at 5pm and this was on the seat waiting for me...

Which immediately made me feel better! If you look closely, the postal stamp is actually a special Hide N Seek stamp and the date on it is November 9th 1948! I love how it is made to look all old. I think it's such a lovely idea and so telling of the loveliness hiding on the inside!

I love the message on the back to the postman as well! So cute! And the red ribbon is a lovely touch.

But then the inside! Such goodness awaits! Not only the three gorgeous prints that I had ordered, but also a hand written note thanking me for my purchase (complete with bear hug!) and a co-ordinating bookmark and gift tag! Aren't I a lucky girl?

Don't you just love it when you order something and it arrives and it is so much better than you ever imagined it would be? To be fair, that is what has happened every time I've ordered something off Etsy but this is by far the loveliest thing to ever land on my doormat! I can't wait to pick some frames and get them hung on my wall... where there is a nice big spot, left empty by one of my own paintings which accidentally got a door through it this evening and now has a whopping great hole in the middle! So Yey! to new paintings (not so much to ones with holes in.)

I got these prints from Eloise over at Hide N Seek - pop in and have a look round, she has some beautiful stuff and hell, I would have ordered an empty envelope if I'd known it would turn up looking like this! And how strange, she lives just around the corer to where I lived when I was at Uni! It really is a small world!

Good night, god bless. Fingers crossed to a better day tomorrow! x


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad day at work - what a lovely buy from etsey - I will have to have a look.

    I know you want to give etsey another go - is it hard to make it work?

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow - xxx

    ps Have you looked at Lucky Fiona on Etsey for dog collars, sooo nice

  2. I am sorry you had a nasty day at work, but oh how nice to have a treat to make it all better.
    ....I don't do textile design and have no artistic training. Most of my art is still in my head.I didn't even know that my piece that I made for my sister years ago had a name. I just made a landscape out of fabric for fun and gave it to her for a gift and later found out it is quilt/textile/mixed media art. After that I became fearful and thought I couldn't really do it. So that's my story. Someday soon I will make something...Have a good day tomorrow.

  3. ugh! i am so jealous! what a great package to perk up your day! ;)

  4. Oh, yes! My mother taught me that the presentation of things says a lot about was is or what is to come.

    Great blog!