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Saturday, 27 March 2010

There are no words. The picture says thousands.

Our first day in Mt Fuji. It could not be more perfect. We hired bikes and rode around Kawaguchi Lake stopping at all of the best vantage points on the way. We ate doughnuts on the viewing platform overlooking the view (could it get any better?) and then we met a man orginally from England, now living in Hong Kong and in Japan on business. He gave us a 15 minute lesson on our digital camera so now we know how to use the settings to take a better photo (see above, you could barely see the mountain on our auto setting - really must do a photography course when we get home!) We also saw a man swimming in the lake, he must have escaped from the local lunatic asylum - it's freezing outside and there is deep snow on top of Fuji!!!
Tomorrow is supposed to be foggy so these are probably the last photos we'll be able to take of Mt Fuji.

Just a few silly photos for you...

Sweat in a bottle... it's supposed to replace electrolytes lost in your body by sweating... think Ill stay dehydrated thanks!
This is a man hole cover! How pretty!
Weird drinks in a vending machine
We are staying in a hostel here in Mt Fuji. In a traditional Ryokan style room. We'll be sleeping on the floor on tatami mats. More news on that tomorrow! That's if I can stand up tomorrow!

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  1. Finally no rain. The mountain is beautiful, I can't believe the difference in the shots, what a sweetheart showing you how to do it.