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Friday, 19 March 2010

Social Butterfly

I have been a little crafting social butterfly over the last few weeks! 

My first "event" was my nephews christening a couple of weeks ago. I spent a whole week making all kinds of cutesie little boys decorations and a little crocodile toy which I wont talk about as it resulted in a major tantrum (by me, not my nephew) when it didn't go to plan! Put it this way, it was thrown violently to it's death in the cellar, never to be seen again! Moving swiftly on... I made a super cute "Charlie" bunting to be hung across the fire place. His christening was on Valentines day so I had little hearts hanging from either end as well. I also made table runners, swags, a couple of heart shaped coasters to leave around the place and a couple of other things. For some reason, I was a bit silly and didn't take any photos - I'll see if I can get some off Mummy Bear and post them later.

My second event was a "Housewarming" party for my new office. We have moved head offices to a lovely swanky new place which could be confused for a hotel lobby in the reception area! We had a housewarming party for all of the people based in that office and our other office nearby. Each floor had it's own theme based on our companies beliefs (i.e. what we should all aspire to be) - my floor was passionate (it's not what you think) and i was the organiser. I decided that we would be passionate about the world around us and made lots of recycled paper chains and bunting (and even a recycled paper chain chandelier with recycled plastic cups as crystals!), a giant pass the parcel with recycled newspapers and a craft stand where people could make stuff out of recycled newspapers and magazines. We also had a cake stand where people could decorate their own cakes (they weren't recycled. That would be gross.) and lots of other fun activities.
Last Friday I went pot painting. You pick a pot, anything you want and then you paint it, any way you want. Then they glaze it and fire it and give it back the following week. I made a mug for my hubby. He likes diving and has always wanted to dive with sharks so I painted him in scuba gear with a shark chasing him. I was really impressed with how it turned out.

Painting the pots:
After the glaze:
More craftiness to come soon - Spring is here and my creative Mojo usually gets a flowing right about now so watch this space!


  1. How special is that mug?! You are quite the artist and social butterfly. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey Kat - love your background pic, header and buttons - sooo pretty :D . Your diver is really cute too!