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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Today has been one of the nicest days so far. We went to Nara to see the Deers in the national park. There were hundreds of them. So tame they were routing in your handbag for biscuits.... sounds like some one else I know! There were quite a few babies as well. We had great fun feeding them biscuits which we bought from little street vendors along the way. The deer pestered the hell out of you for biscuits but never once tried to steel from the vendors, even when biscuits were left out, unatended. I did see one licking his lips but he never went for them!

I didn't know that deer made noises, and even when I heard one make a noise, it didn't sound like I thought it should! It sounded like when you let go of the end of a balloon and it goes squeeling round the room. Just like that. It kept me tickled all day anyway!

Just a photo to prove we are actually here together:

I forgot to mention yesterday, we went Geisha spotting in Kyoto. We didn't spot any 'real' ones but there were plenty of decoy ones about who were quite happy to stand around and pose for photos. A little too willing actually. I was dying to get a photo from the back, of the intricate detail of the kimono, the paint on the back of their necks and the decorations in their hair but every time I lined up a good shot, they turned around and struck a pose for me! I was like a stalker following them around and hiding behind trees trying to snap one unawares! You can't exactly say "excuse me love, would you mind just turning round a mo while I take picture of the back of your head?"

We're absolutely cream crackered tonight so as soon as we've done in here (we're in a bleedin expensive internet cafe!) we are off to Bed-fordshire and we will be having a nice lie in in the morning!!!

Some bonus photos:


  1. I want to feed the deer too! The Geisha are great, I see you did get a neck shot after all.very interesting all of it.

  2. I got that shot running down the street with my arm in the air holding the camera above the crowds. That one was lucky. I also got a few of the tops of bald heads. Not so lucky.