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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My latest project

I love my yellow dress SO much, I've decided to make another one! I bought some gorgeous Liberty fabric the other day so I'm using that!

AND, when I laid out the pattern, I was thrilled to find that I'd bought nearly a metre too much (oops, surely that was an accident?) so I've got loads left to make some other item of clothing, maybe a top or a skirt or panel in another dress or collar detail in something - the possibilities are endless! There might even be some scraps left over for patchwork! I'm thinking a plain black sleeveless shift dress with a petal collar in this fabric.

I've been looking all over for a pair of brown leggings to go with my dress when it's done - can I find any??? Will have to keep looking, I don't think black will look right!

By the way, the little house in the picture above is my Cath Kidston sewing box which my gorgeous hubby bought me for my birthday last year and I absolutely LOVE! It's got loads of compartments for bobbins, threads, scissors, rulers etc etc as well as a pin cushion in the roof and little elasticated pockets to shove things in!

The little glass jars are where I keep all of my ribbons, trims and buttons - I like to look at them while I work, the colours and shapes help keep me inspired! Most of the buttons used to be my Grandma's and are probably older than I am. I like to keep them close by to remind me of the crafty family trait!

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